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Aeronautics graduate schools



This site gathers, at a national level, the Graduate Schools that are in connection with the aerospace field.

Under the heading "Graduate Schools", you will find all the listed schools. You can access the schools presentations either by region or by theme or by combining the two criteria.

Here are the aerospace themes we identified:

  1. Aerospace environment (meteorology, climatology, electromagnetism, lightning,...) and vehicle dynamics (flight mechanics,...)
  2. Mechanical architecture (materials, structures, structural dynamics,...)
  3. Architecture and electrical energy management
  4. Thermal architecture
  5. Electronic architecture, computer, and time synchronization, sensors and actuators
  6. Fluid Mechanics
  7. Location, Navigation
  8. Telecommunications
  9. Propulsion
  10. Human-Computer Interaction, Operations
  11. Space Exploration
  12. Earth Observation
  13. Aeronautics, Space and Society: Safety of people and goods, environmental protection (noise, pollution, space debris,...), standardization, quality, space medicine, social sciences, space law...

The descriptive cards of the schools include the following pieces of information:

Please note that, if you are responsible for a Graduate School and wish to register a new Graduate School in connection with the aerospace field, you can do it directly online, by going straight to the section: On line school registration.

This electronic catalogue gathers the Graduate Schools in connection with aerospace. ISSAT cannot be held responsible for the contents of the descriptions of the Graduate Schools. This site in addition contains links towards other sites. ISSAT also declines any responsibility for these contents.


Currently 95 graduate schools